What are fees on donations?

As of August 1, 2019, transaction fees on donations collected through Public Good will be 5.75% of the gross donation plus $0.30. These fees are subtracted from the gross donation and cover the cost of distributing funds via YourCause as well as fees for processing the donation via credit card. Public Good does not retain any of these transaction fees.

However, at the time of donation, donors will be given the opportunity to voluntarily pay a higher service fee that covers all transaction costs so that 100% of the intended gross donation reaches the recipient organizations. When a donor chooses to pay the service fee, Public Good will add 3% to the total, making the fees 8.75% plus $0.30. The nonprofit will receive 100% of the donation amount and these fees will not be subtracted out of it.

For more details on our fees, please refer to the following fee schedules:  

Fees for donations where donors do not choose to cover transaction fees:


Fees for donations where donors do choose to cover transaction fees:



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