What donor information will I receive and how will I receive it?

When your organization receives a donation, you get donor information three ways.


  1. An email to notify you a donation has been made -- At the time of the donation, your organization will receive an email letting you know. You can manage who receives notifications in your administrator toolbar through Fundraising>Notifications. A sample email is attached.

  2. Your activity page in your administrator settings -- Every donation will show up in your activity feed, and look like this:   

All available donor information will be listed. Also under the "Activity" tab you can sort donations. By clicking on “Made directly to my organization” you can choose to see donations made directly to you or donations made to causes and larger Public Good campaigns. Click on “For all time” to filter by month. By clicking on “Anywhere” you can filter by donations made to particular campaign pages within your organization.

3. Download a .csv file -- You can also download a spreadsheet with all donor information by clicking on “Download .csv file” in the upper right corner of your activity page. You can then import the information you need into the CRM you use.


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