Our Impact Unit, an interactive widget that offers up relevant actions for news consumers to take and organizations for them to support, catches readers at the very moment they feel most motivated to action by your story, enabling them to get involved and have a positive impact.

You'll need to contact us to get started

If you represent a media organization or brand, please contact us at if you have not already so we can assist you by providing an implementation plan that fits your organization’s goals.


Implementation options

Our implementation is highly configurable. Once an implementation plan is approved, our application ensures the impact unit shows up only when relevant as outlined by our partner’s implementation plan. The impact unit is typically implemented using a lightweight javascript library and a div that places the unit in an iframe within your content.

Implementing the Impact Unit requires two pieces of code

  1. Place this javascript into the page template:

    <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  2. Place the <div> element where you want the widget to appear within the page:

    <div class="pgs-dpg-flex"></div>

 If your publication uses WordPress we also offer a full-feature implementation through the Public Good plugin.

Although we recommend the javascript implementation for full feature functionality, we do have additional options for specific use cases. Those options include iframes, HTML only, and AMP-specific options. The rest of this document refers to our recommended javascript implementation.



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