How do I customize my organization's Public Good page?

Your organization’s page on Public Good allows you to recruit volunteers, sell tickets to events, ask supporters to advocate for you with lawmakers -- and of course, receive donations. Building out and customizing your page not only creates more ways for supporters to interact with you, but also means that your organization will be listed higher in search results on Public Good. Your administrator toolbar (see screenshot) is the best way to add and change information on your page.

Here are some ways to make a great Public Good page for your organization. 

  • Add images -- Make your page pop by adding a profile image and background image. We recommend your logo, and recommend a square image. For your background image, keep in mind that your organization’s name and tag line will be superimposed over the image, so we recommend an image without text or too much to interfere with readability. The background image should be rectangular. 
  • Add video -- It’s easy to add a video to your page to highlight your mission or a particular campaign. You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video by just copying and pasting. The video will appear above the description of your organization on your page. You can easily change the video anytime based on campaigns, supporter feedback, or events. Click here for a little more information.
  • Add a tagline and description -- You can add both a tag line and a description to your profile to let people know a little more about you. Your tag line will display just under your organization’s name on your profile page. It will also be what people see when they find your organization through a search. We recommend keeping your tag line to 100 characters or under. Your organization’s description is a place to put in more details like your mission, your history and your impact.
  • Fundraise via direct deposit -- When you enter your banking information into our secure site, donations will be automatically deposited in your bank account, with lower fees. If you choose not to enter your banking information, you will receive a check from our Donor Advised Fund partner, DonateWell. Their processing fees will be added to the transaction. For more on fundraising options, click here

Thanks for being a part of Public Good!


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