How and when will my organization receive our donations?

As of August 1, 2019, all donations made via Public Good will be processed by The Blackbaud Giving Fund -- formerly DonateWell (managed by YourCause).  The Blackbaud Giving Fund makes disbursements during the third week of each month. There is a $50 minimum to receive a mailed check. If your payment is less than $50, it will be rolled into the following month's disbursement. 

You can find our more information about donations disbursed by The Blackbaud Giving Fund, or you can provide them with your ACH information to receive your donations without a minimum for disbursement by going to the YourCause nonprofit portal and setting up or logging into your account.

To see more about why Public Good works with The Blackbaud Giving Fund, check out this FAQ.




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