How are nonprofits selected for campaigns?

Organizations who benefit from Public Good powered campaigns are selected in a variety of ways, depending on who the campaign is managed by. Public Good currently supports only recognized 501(c)3 nonprofits in the United States, in good standing, and some international organizations that have a US fiscal sponsor in good standing.

  1. Sponsored: When we power a sponsored campaign, most often, the company sponsoring the campaign selects the nonprofit beneficiary or beneficiaries of the campaign. In this scenario, the company handles the vetting and selection of the organization.  Public Good does offer advice and guidance to our partners, if requested.

    Some sponsored campaigns are sponsored by nonprofits, in which case, the campaign benefits their own organization.

  2. Media Partners: Often our media partners will run a Public Good powered campaign. In these scenarios, most often, the media organization will vet and select the nonprofit beneficiaries of the campaign, however, Public Good does offer advice and guidance to our partners, based on the criteria detailed later in this article.

  3. Public Good programs: Many of our media partners run Public Good campaigns that we actively manage. These campaigns are not sponsored and exist simply to drive positive social impact and engagement on our media partner's sites. For these campaigns Public Good is the organization that vets and selects the nonprofits, and we do so in accordance with the following criteria and process:
    • IRS standing -- We confirm that the organization is in good standing with the IRS and is a 501(c)3.

    • Watchlists -- We check to make sure that the organization doesn’t appear on watchlists such as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch list and United Nations Sanction list.

    • Size -- We look for organizations with over $250,000 annual revenue in the last year. Falling under that amount wouldn’t keep an organization from being on a Public Good-curated page, but we would do extra diligence through our internal screening.

    • Internal screening team -- We have a core team of people at Public Good who have worked with and for nonprofits for a long time. We know nonprofits. Our team looks closely at the nonprofit using media checks to screen for press and articles about the organization, verification that the organization still works on the issue, and that they are still active in the community.

    • Data -- Public Good has amassed one of the largest databases of nonprofit information including public records, licensed data, and data we’ve collected ourselves. This lets our team consider everything from how long an organization has been working on a problem, their financial history, management changes, and much more.

    • Outreach -- If we still have questions, we may reach out to the organization to let them know we’re considering them for a cause page so we can find out a little more about them.


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